5 Ways to Foster a Better Work Culture

5 Ways to Foster a Better Work Culture

With more workers absent due to stress and anxiety than flu and other illnesses or injuries1, there is a growing focus on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Workplace health and well-being programs not only have a positive impact on employees’ wellness, but they can also lead to a significant increase in the team’s engagement, cohesiveness and overall productivity.

After spending the last 3 months as an intern here at WordStorm PR, I’ve noticed firsthand how a company can successfully incorporate ways to boost employee attitude, morale and efficiency. I’ve picked 5 techniques/activities that the WordStorm team do that create an amazing workplace culture:

On-site exercise

We are constantly reminded about the benefits of exercise for both our physical and mental health, as it is proven to make us feel better and perform more efficiently. With many of us joining gyms or exercising in our limited spare time, why not integrate a fitness activity in the workplace? Here at WordStorm, the team take part in on-site yoga classes every Tuesday morning to feel refreshed and ready for the day and the working week ahead.

Practising mindfulness

Mindfulness practices such as meditation, breathing and exercise such as yoga can help enhance employee efficiency by increasing wellbeing, memory, mindfulness, and reducing stress and anxiety. The team here are regularly reminded to meditate and practice mindfulness, and this benefits both the employees and the company.

Change of scenery

When possible, the team like to hold meetings outside of the office at a nearby café or go for a walk during lunch breaks. Just getting out of the office for a period of time is beneficial, as a change in scenery boosts one’s mood and improves productivity. Going for a walk is also a great way to be active during a predominantly sedentary day and stimulates creativity through movement.

Fun office space

People work better in a space designed to promote productivity, and the WordStorm office does exactly that. Having an open plan area featuring plants and bright paintings, good lighting, beanbags for lunch and even an in-office swing (!!), fatigue and stress is minimised when our minds are stimulated by the colourful and open environment around us.

Social activities

A strong work culture can only happen when there is a strong and cohesive team behind it. Holding regular events such as team lunches and nights out, activities such as our weekly yoga sessions or office recaps of the most recent Bachelor episodes, the WordStorm team get multiple opportunities to bond in social settings that improve their ability to work effectively as a team.


Written by Siobhan O’Brien


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