As a direct result of PR, Moochies secured investment from a big player in the US and relocated to Silicon Valley to grow the brand from there

Moochies is a smart-watch for children aged 3-12 that can make calls to two saved phone numbers and can receive calls from up to 10 saved numbers. It is also GPS enabled, allowing parents to locate their child on a connecting app.

WordStorm PR launched Moochies into the Australian market in the lead-up to Christmas. Prior to the PR campaign, Moochies were selling 10 units a week. Through targeted pitching to the right media outlets, this number soared to 200 units a week and after TV exposure, 500 units a week. It’s important to note that Moochies did not do any other marketing, other than a targeted PR campaign. Moochies appeared on TV three times – Channel 7 News, The Project and Weekend Today. This was complimented by a wide range of online coverage, particularly in the form of Gift Guides which allowed consumers to click directly through to purchase a Moochies watch at time of reading.

Over a period of four months, WordStorm secured close to 100 pieces of media coverage. As a result of one online story, Moochies was approached by a key US-based investor which led to the team relocating to develop the brand in Silicon Valley. From there, they have gone through a high-growth period and when WordStorm worked to promote Moochies 2.0, the brand completely sold out of stock in Australia.

“As a single e-commerce outlet, PR was absolutely essential for us to launch our product and achieve sales.   Having never had the product on sale before, and being a new business, it was imperative to achieve a profile quickly. Every single sale we achieved was as a result of the PR campaign, which in turn has enabled us to develop the product and grow the company.

Prior to the start of the campaign out website was attracting approximately 20 unique hits per day.   Once the campaign started this increased to 100-120 unique hits per day, and with the television exposure received, the unique web hits were over 1000 unique hits per day.

Sales prior to the campaign were less than 10 units to per week.  During the campaign the sales increased to 200 units per week, increasing to 500 units per week with television exposure.

The company was approached by Venture Capital investors in Australia and the USA as a result of the campaign.   The company subsequently agreed VC investment to develop the products and grow the company.

The company was approached by a major global network operator, who identified us from the publicity from the campaign conducted by WordStorm, and the business is in talks with them to be their global partner.”

Adrian Lisle


  • Client: Moochies
  • Date: September 21, 2017
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