Don’t Rent Me

As a result of media exposure and social engagement, Don’t Rent Me’s Facebook page grew to close to a passionate community of 25,000 people.

Don’t Rent Me is a website for tenants who have felt some kind of injustice either with their rental property or property managers. Don’t Rent Me allows tenants to express their dissatisfaction with their property and share it with other tenants.

WordStorm PR knew that the threat of being blacklisted on Don’t Rent Me would be meaningless unless it became a household name. Through a long-term PR strategy, Don’t Rent Me’s founder has become a regular expert commenter on issues regarding to property, property disputes and rental issues. WordStorm PR worked with Don’t Rent Me for a year and secured over 160 pieces of media coverage, in print, online and broadcast media. This included but was not limited to positive pieces on A Current Affair and Today Tonight, interviews on 2GB and ABC and online exposure across, The Daily Mail, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Like many tech entrepreneurs, Don’t Rent Me had the luxury of data. We broke down the locations of its users, meaning we could target media in each state with tailored data that was relevant to its individual audiences. This led to a wide spread of metropolitan media coverage across the country, as well as national coverage that elevated the cred of the brand on a large-scale.

“The PR, apart from incredible exposure that has brought many thousands of new tenants to our website – has helped us to grow and understand just what our tenants need. As a result, we’ve been able to lay the foundation for a new political party we are in the process of forming to represent the needs of tenants across all of Australia.

We have received well over hundreds of thousands of new visitors as a direct result of the PR campaign.

We have received over 2000 new reviews since the start of the PR campaign, which includes growth in users from USA – somehow the PR has been heard overseas from time to time as well!”

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Anthony McGovern

Don’t Rent Me

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  • Date: September 21, 2017
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