WordStorm launched JUCY Rentals into the Australian market and has watched in delight as the green campervans have continued to consistently grow in number

WordStorm PR worked with JUCY Rentals to make them a household name amongst Australian consumers over the course of several years.

When the New Zealand-born company brand expanded overseas to the US, WordStorm ensured that the exciting milestone was marked by media coverage in high-profile mass media. This was communicated through a creative media send-out of branded JUCY cupcakes which was distributed to key business media.

Media outlets such as Sydney Morning Herald, The Saturday Age, Jetstar Magazine, 2GB, Marie Claire, Dynamic Business, Ninemsn, The Sunday Telegraph and more featured JUCY’s annual Ski 4 Free promotion.

A 10+ minute story on Sky Business News with founder Tim Alpe about the growth of the business in the Australian and international market was a campaign highlight, demonstrating the credibility and brand trust that comes with television exposure.

“Engaging WordStorm PR to launch JUCY Rentals in Australia was a great decision.  The exposure was instrumental to helping us expand our operations at speed.”

Tim Alpe

JUCY Rentals

  • Client: 7oroof Network
  • Location: Tanta, Algharbia
  • Date: September 20, 2017
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