Media Training

You’re standing in the dark wings of a theatre, ready to step onto the stage. Through the curtains, you can see three iconic letters in fire engine red — TED. In seconds, you’ll be out there in front of them delivering your first 17- minute TED talk. Have you prepared or will you be winging it?

An interview with a journalist — even for live TV — won’t feel like addressing a stadium full of people. In many ways, however, that’s what it should feel like. Through that one journalist, you’ll be addressing thousands — perhaps hundreds of thousands — of people. If you package your message correctly and deliver it well, that interview could change everything.

Our media training will prepare you to be confident and effective — but natural — media “talent”. We’ll workshop your key messages until they’re crisp; we’ll give you the secret to taking even the trickiest questions in your stride, and we’ll present you with a safe space to practise until you’re giving media interviews effortlessly.

Like everything with WordStorm, this is training drawn from years of experience — we were founded by a journalist and we bring a journalist into our training to make it real and current.

Whether your next interview is under the lights or over the phone, you’ll not only be getting across your key message like a professional, you’ll be winning your place on the journalist’s must-call lists. Next time they need an expert, they’ll call you.

“The results we’ve received over the first 12 months have seriously blown us away.” — Peter Baines, Hands Across The Water

Want to become the ‘go-to’ media expert?