Media Relations

When we talk about media relations, we’re not talking about presenting you with a single clipping on a velvet cushion — and only then after three months of spending your money “strategising” our way up and down the “verticals”.

WordStorm PR clients know that when we talk about media relations, we mean putting you or your business in front of journalists all the time. Our clients are in their target publications an average of 15 times a month. Every month.

We specialise in public relations for mass media — TV, radio, online news sites, newspapers, podcasts and magazines. We’ll pull the spotlight onto your business — in front of highly engaged audiences in the tens and hundreds of thousands.

Your brand will be wrapped in the implied endorsement of the media and all the lasting authority that comes with that.

You won’t be scrolled over in social media; you’ll be ‘As Seen In’.

Whose attention would you like to attract?

If you or your business would like the engaged audience and credibility that comes from appearing in mass media – repeatedly – talk to us. We’ll hone your story, craft your delivery and get your message to the largest possible audience.

Want to become the ‘go-to’ media expert?