There is always a silver lining and for this entrepreneur, hers was the positive media coverage that came from her business burning down! This human interest story led to maximum exposure and increased web traffic, enquiries and conversions.

Uppy is a specialised service that gives driven men and women more time, energy and freedom to focus on what is really important to them and maximise their performance, both personally and professionally. It was created by Health and Performance Coach, Laura Moore.

Laura Moore is the epitome of a phoenix rising from the ashes. The inspiration for her business – Uppy – came after her first business literally burnt to the ground. By telling this interesting and moving human interest story, WordStorm PR was successful in securing an extremely wide range of mass media including an in-depth piece in Fairfax newspapers. The 100 pieces of media coverage secured over six months included two TV stories and pieces in AFR, HuffPost, Sydney Morning Herald, Buro247 and much more.

Through media coverage, such as an interview on 2GB, Laura signed several clients to the program. Her ‘as seen in’ media page on the website is bursting with media coverage in highly credible titles and this is marketing she can rely on forever to create trust amongst consumers.

I knew that when launching my new business and brand I had to do something to raise my profile and position myself as an expert, but I had no idea what to do and quite frankly no time to do it. After meeting Monica and Wordstorm I knew instantly I wanted them on my team. Their years of experience and ability to understand me, my business and my message perfectly gave me complete confidence to put my entire campaign in their hands – which is actually huge for me as I’m incredibly precious about my brand voice and how it’s represented. Keeping me in the loop every step of the way they created angles that got me into all the mainstream media, including national newspapers, AFR, Huffington Post, numerous radio stations and even Channel 9 – giving me and my business the massive boost it needed to get it off the ground and gain momentum. In fact I’m still continuing to leverage off of it all now. Thank you WordStorm PR”

Laura Moore


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