Press showings of a Botox alternative led to top-tier media coverage that resulted in an increase in sales.

Self Care Corporation is one of Australia’s leading cosmetic houses with a portfolio of innovative brands including the number one selling phenomenon Freezeframe. Self Care engaged WordStorm PR to launch its latest Freezeframe product, a Botox  – IONOTOX.

WordStorm PR held press showings to introduce beauty and lifestyle media to IONOTOX which was a brand new product and required education on how it works and why it is a preferable alterative to Botox. The press showings were a great way to introduce IONOTOX to key journalists across Sydney. The showings gave journalists the chance to experience the product first-hand. Many journalists commented that it is far easier for them to understand the benefits of a product when it is explained in-person, particularly with this product given the various steps involved in applying it correctly. Events such as these help to increase brand awareness and credibility.

WordStorm PR secured media coverage in media including Sydney Morning Herald, The Weekend Australian, Body + Soul, The Age, Beauty Heaven, Good Health, Famous and Wedding Magazine.

“FreezeFrame was one of the first instant Botox products on the market. As such, the media were extremely keen to report on it.  The campaign got off to a great start with an ACA exclusive which was then followed up by a launch at Myer, attended by just about every beauty editor across magazines and digital platforms.”

Monica Rosenfeld

Managing Director

  • Client: 7oroof Network
  • Location: Tanta, Algharbia
  • Date: September 20, 2017
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