Food for Health

Over 200 media articles in a 12 month period set up Food for Health as a leading health food brand.

Food for Health is an established Australian brand that was founded by Naturopath, Narelle Plapp, in 2005. The brand focuses on health, functionality and allergy friendly products and now includes muesli, gluten free muesli bars and muesli pods. Food for Health supports not only people with specific dietary requirements, but also people who simply like to eat healthier options. Food for Health has now grown to become an Australian household name and exports to over 14 countries.

Key highlights of the campaign were the Allergy Awareness Pitch, the Breakfast Tips angle and Narelle’s business story. We were able to secure many radio interviews and print editorial using Narelle as the spokesperson.

Exceptional results were achieved through a 12-month campaign consisting of creative send-outs, and tailored consumer and business pitches. We secured media coverage in body + soul, The Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun, The Age,, Practical Parenting, Australian Retailer, Women’s Health & Fitness, Slim Magazine, and ABC radio.

“Food for Health is such a fantastic brand that really epitomises healthy eating and allows consumers to lead a healthy lifestyle on the go. The campaign went really well with a lot of media fascinated with Narelle’s business story as well as all the latest Food for Health products. It was especially rewarding to see the media using Narelle as their go-to health expert using her health tips in their publications.”

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  • Location: Tanta, Algharbia
  • Date: September 21, 2017
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