Why It’s All About The Journalists Audience When Pitching

In today’s video I’m going to talk about how making a sale and pitching the story to the media have one very important thing in common, it’s all about them.

You need to show them how they will benefit rather than going on and on about how amazing your business is. And in terms of media what journalists are looking for is how will your story angle add value to engage or entertain their audience because they’re concerned about their audience coming back for more and attracting new audiences.

So when you’re pitching your story idea, really have their audience top of mind front and center. All too often businesses pitch to the media with something like “I’ve got an amazing business, I’m doing amazing numbers” this that and the other, you know please write or produce a story about my business but that’s not interesting, and it won’t cut it for a journalist because what the journalists will be thinking is “is my audience going to learn something from this? Are they going to be engaged by this article? Will this content give them value? Will They be entertained by it?”

Even if you’re pitching your business story, don’t just make it how amazing your business is. Share some sort of vulnerability, perhaps lessons that you learned, or the fact that you started from nothing and you built it up into something and the things that, key learnings you learned in order to do that. Always try and make sure the audience is getting value, the audience is learning something.

So the next time you think about pitching an angle to the media, really think about what is the audience going to gain out of this and if you get that right, chances are you will get that cut through and you will get that mass media attention.

Thank you very much. Ask me any questions you like and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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