Why is PR so important for Not-For-Profits?

Public relations is a crucial element of any marketing mix, promoting a business via earned editorial coverage. For Not-For-Profit organisations, PR lays a foundation of trust by educating the public of their movement.

Similar to for-profit companies, not-for-profit organisations use PR to increase visibility by telling their story to create a meaningful relationship with new audiences. For not-for-profits operating with a limited budget, PR is extremely important as it provides free publicity and simultaneously increases their awareness.

WordStorm PR currently works with WILL2LIVE, a not-for-profit charity that’s mission is to provide meals and supplies the homeless. WordStorm assists WILL2LIVE by spreading their message to local the community through a variety of media channels. As the public becomes more aware of the work of WILL2LIVE, the organisation becomes more credible and recognised in the media.

Furthermore, for not-for-profits to run smoothly, they generally need a constant influx of volunteers.  PR enables an organisation to gain media coverage which is a great way of attracting interest of potential volunteers. PR incorporates a variety of strategies that seek to grow and maintain a positive relationship with individuals in the community that support and promote the organisations mission. Personal relationships built through social media, newsletters and websites develop emotional and ethical connections that leave volunteers feeling appreciated and more inclined to continue helping out.

Also, as a result of ongoing successful not-for-profit campaigns, people are more enticed to donate and contribute to a positive purpose. The community is far more likely to become involved with a reputable cause they have read about and know exactly where their money is going.

By Kayla Tomlins

Image Source: WILL2LIVE

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