What It’s Like To Be A WordStorm PR Intern – Shinta

Shinta Huyn, 18, started her internship with WordStorm PR earlier this year, as she kicks off her University of Technology Sydney, Bachelor of Arts (Public Communication) degree.  Here, she shares what it’s like to be an honorary Stormette:

Why did you take an internship with WordStorm PR? I took an internship with WordStorm PR in order for me to broaden my skills in the different fields of PR. I was always interning at fashion PR agencies and figured it’s not the field I want to pursue my career in. After stumbling across WordStorm PR, I decided to give consumer/lifestyle a chance. It’s only been month since interning here and I love it. I’m always looking forward to coming in and everyone has been welcoming since day one!

What’s been your favourite part about working in PR? My favourite part of working in PR is the fast-paced environment it offers and how there’s always a new challenge ahead. It’s never a slow day, there’s always something to keep you occupied.

How do you think an internship will help with you getting a job when you finish your uni degree? An internship prepares you for what work is like when you graduate, it also provides the relevant experience you’ll need when starting your first paid job role. Since interning, I’ve been able to get a glimpse of what’s it like in PR, and it’s helped me discover what career path I want to head to. It furthermore builds your network of contacts, which will help you in your future job search.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learnt since working at WordStorm PR? The most valuable thing about working here at WordStorm is Confidence. During my first week I initially found it difficult to speak to people over the phone and being confident in what I was saying or doing. However, after two weeks of interning, I’ve gained that confidence and it was easier to communicate and start building relationships with people.

What’s your least favourite task as an intern? My least favourite part of working in PR is updating the media contact lists. It’s never ending!

What’s your favourite thing to do in Sydney? I’ve got soo many! I love visiting the Northern Beaches, such as Palm Beach, tanning and enjoying the sun with some yummy fish and chips. I enjoy a night out at the Harbour Side with my girlfriends with cocktails or enjoying the nightlife Sydney offers. Also, attending markets such as Surry Hills (which is once a month) – finding cheap thrills keeps my wallet happy.

Where is the best place for lunch in Surry Hills? I love The Winery and going there with my close friends on a Sunday. The atmosphere is great. Their Banana and sticky date pudding is to die for!

Twitter or Facebook? Twitter hands down! I’m a Twitter junkie. I’m always caught on it, especially in my lectures and tutorials complaining how bored I am.

Follow Shinta on Twitter at @shintizool, or follow WordStorm PR @WordStormPR.

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