Valuable Lessons From a PR Internship

As my three-month internship comes to an end, it is amazing to reflect on what I have learnt from working with the awesome WordStorm PR team.


  1. Kindness goes a long way

When I started my internship at WordStorm PR I was so nervous as it was my first ever internship and I had no idea what to expect. However, all my worries were subsided when I walked in on my first day to everyone being so kind and willing to explain tasks and answer any questions I had. The kindness the team have shown me during the three months is something I will never forget and is a reminder of how important it is.


  1. PR is hard work

Don’t get me wrong, I always knew PR was going to be hard work, but I never realised how much detail and time goes into writing pitches, updating databases, contacting journalists and brainstorming creative media angles. There is always something to do!


  1. Being organised will help you achieve your goals

Whilst at WordStorm, the days where I wrote lists, ticked things off, asked for help and kept my desk clean and tidy were the days I was most productive.


  1. Office dogs are the best

At WordStorm, one of the team members is Leo, the cutest puppy you have ever seen. Whenever Leo is in the office, everyone is so happy and it’s always good to have a break by running around or cuddling Leo.


  1. Good office culture is important

Over the past three months I have noticed the importance of good office culture and how a company can implement this. At WordStorm PR, looking after your health is promoted through a weekly yoga class and being reminded to take a moment to meditate. The office is also interactive with bean bags, swings and colourful artwork. This culture ensures every team member is happy, healthy and therefore more productive as everyone wants to go to work.

The last three months have been an amazing learning experience and I am going to miss the WordStorm team! I can’t thank them enough for helping me and answering all my questions.


By Sarah Wilson



Image Credit: LinkedIn

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