How to use statistics to create newsworthy angles

My name is Monica Rosenfeld. I’m a professional speaker and the founder of WordStorm PR. Over five weeks, I’m going to be showing you five newsworthy angles that we use every day to get our entrepreneurial clients into the headlines. Today the angle I’m going to focus on is statistics.

Media loves statistics. The research involved in putting a statistic together makes a story newsworthy for a journalist. So what statistic can you come up with within your industry that you can showcase to a journalist? I’ll give you an example.

We were working with a dental client, a clinic based in Melbourne. Now we know that dental anxiety is a thing. We only had to canvas our own office of seven and realise that a lot of us were very scared of going to the dentist. So we surveyed 1000 respondents to find out how many people were so anxious about going to the dentist, they hadn’t been in over five years. After crunching the numbers we were able to say that one third of Australians are anxious about going to the dentist. We created expert commentary around this that are dental client could comment on and it ended up in lots and lots of mass media coverage including a six minute story on Today Extra.

If you have an online business you have a lot of data coming in that you can mine to create statistics for a story. For example our cashback client called ShopBack has lots of statistics about the purchasing habits of Australians.So we look at this and go to the media about X percent of women are buying this brand, X percent of people start their Christmas shopping in this month and the list goes on and on.

So think about your industry and what is an interesting statistic that you can come up with? I know there is one and I challenge you to find one or more. Pitch that to a journalist because it gives valuable content to their audience and that’s exactly what they’re looking for. If you have any questions let me know. If you thought this video was valuable, feel free to like, comment or share and look forward to seeing you next time. Yours in magnifying you.

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