The Perks and Quirks of PR

Public Relations is an exciting and ever-changing field. While PR can sometimes be a battlefield of non-responsive clients and repetitive tasks, it is also extremely fulfilling and rewarding to see your client featured in the media and grinning at the end of a campaign. Boredom never strikes as activities vary on a daily basis and new skills are being learnt and developed constantly. The experiences we have working in PR far outweigh the long working hours and we can all say we love our jobs!

Here are the best perks of working in PR:

Team Work

Working in groups is extremely valuable, ideas can be bounced off one another during brainstorms and teamwork often promotes great team spirit – something necessary for morale!

PR is a great job if you enjoy interacting with other people as you find yourself constantly on the phone or emailing people. Building strong client relationships is a significantly rewarding and valuable task, and one that may help your business ten-fold later on. It is also important to get journalists and other key media on your side to engage and work with them when you have a client that fits their publication.

Above all else, writing, creating and developing a campaign is just more fun when you’re working with other people! As a bonus, you’ll gain guidance from experienced people in PR!

The Ever-changing environment

Public Relations is a fast paced, exciting environment and no two days are ever the same. With the wide variety of roles, responsibility and opportunities to interact with experts in the field, you’ll always find yourself doing something new and different. What better way to learn?

Working in a small company, like us at WordStorm PR, you gain responsibility, meaning you can progress quickly and gain valuable skills. PR is intellectually rewarding and diverse and often you need to be flexible to manage things when they don’t go to plan (which can be often!). Don’t sweat the small stuff, there is always someone out there who has encountered a bigger disaster than you have!

While every job inevitably comes with mindless tasks, Public Relations seems to fair pretty well. Hours will be spent on excel, updating databases, flicking through hundreds of magazines that a client may be in and finding the right envelope for a send out, but this work is important and will be worth it to see your client featured in key media.


Undoubtedly the perks of PR include free food, beauty products and innovative product samples you never knew existed! PR professionals have to believe in their client’s product to produce a thorough and successful campaign, and quite often these freebies provide that firsthand experience.

Meetings and Events

Meeting press for lunches and networking events can sometimes be time consuming, but is an important aspect of working in PR. Creating and fostering quality relationships are invaluable when you need them.

While the days can be long and arduous, you will never stop learning in the field of public relations. Whether you’re researching new blogs, trouble shooting a client issue or interacting with 10 different people all at the same time, you’re always learning and becoming more aware of the world. PR skills can apply to nearly every industry, providing opportunities to merge personal and professional interests. We would recommend PR as a career to anyone who loves people, is creative and is prepared for the unexpected!


Guest Blog Post by Kate McKay


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