Steps to Successful Social Media Use

Social media is a necessity for any business in the communications industry, but if you’re not using it correctly, you could be doing more harm than good.

Here are a few tips on using the more popular social media platforms to your advantage:


  • Great for businesses, Twitter can be used to interact with the press, so be sure to jump in on any conversation they bring up that’s valid to your client.
  • Utilise links when doing promotions.
  • Be creative – 140 characters to get a point across encourages innovative thinking.
  • Re-tweet with caution, and be sure followers understand whether your re-tweets mean endorsements.
  • Be personal. Let this be the place your employees have a face, encouraging people to ‘Like’ your page to follow their friends. It’s a small act, but it matters.  Obviously, be careful as to what is posted.
  • Use photos.  A person’s eye will be drawn to an image in a timeline before it is drawn to a status alone.
  • Comment on other pages’ posts and spread your name around.
  • Build a good business profile on the landing page.
  • Encourage your employees to link their job descriptions and status to your company page.
  • Encourage your clients to recommend your employees’ individual profiles.
  • Be wary of filters and don’t over-use, keep things clean and simple.
  • Photograph and post images that tick two boxes – relevant and fun.
  • Follow only those who are relevant to your brand.
All platforms
  • Watch your spelling and grammar in every post.
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