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Is it just me or does managing social media often feel like a full time job (even for those of us who aren’t social-media-managers by trade)?

The first thing I do after blearily switching off my alarm is check through the Instagram notifications that gathered in the night while overseas friends were out and about.

The bus ride to work is spent live updating the twitter-sphere with profound thoughts on my relationship with caffeine (#coffeeaddict #latteart).

And then I start my work day updating our facebook, twitter, Instagram and pinterest pages!

All PR pros know that social media offers new and creative ways to engage with consumers and build brand awareness. But with so many new platforms and trends emerging almost daily it can feel like a full time job just trying to keep up with them, and sort the relevant content from the clutter.

Trying to spread a campaign or your own brand across too many social media platforms can result in less engagement than a campaign that focuses on quality content on targeted channels.

Tips for efficient social media use:

  • Do your research. Know who you’re trying to reach and when they’re most active. Schedule posts through sites like Buffer and FutureTweet.
  • Read newsletters, don’t be #foreverscrolling. Subscribing to a daily/weekly newsletter can be a lot more time efficient than checking the website through social media links.
  • Allocate yourself time frames. Allow 30 minutes at the start and end of the day for social media posts and replies rather than dropping everything else when a notification pops up.
  • Enlist help. Make the most of apps like Hootsuite to manage multiple twitter accounts and Topsy to find relevant content and people to follow.

Now with some time freed up, we can all focus on more important things in life, like tackling the ever growing inbox, or just Keeping up with the Kardashians.

By Elena Eckhardt


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