Seven Steps to a Successful PR Internship

1) A little preparation goes a long way… Internships are hot property so remember that you may be competing with several other likeminded newbies at the interview stage. Do your research on the company to show a genuine interest and have at least some idea of what PR involves! Talk about any experience that may be relevant, for instance if you were involved in a uni assignment to put together a PR strategy for a pretend client, let us know about it! 2) Prove that you’re a professional… You may still be a student, but when entering the workplace leave your ripped jeans at home and dress like a professional; smart casual is usually a safe bet. Be on time and treat your internship as you would any other paid job. 3) Nobody likes interns with bad attitudes… You’re here to learn and gain hands on experience in the workplace so make the most of it! Moping around the office and clock-watching will only anger your colleagues and means that you’ll be kissing goodbye to a solid reference! 4) Open your ears… Listen carefully to instructions and make notes if you’re unfamiliar with a task. We don’t mind being asked questions but repeating instructions is frustrating and time-consuming. 5) Enthusiasm, enthusiasm, enthusiasm! Keep smiling and always be willing to help, even if a task seems menial. It’s true, stuffing envelopes can be a drag, but if you prove you’re willing and able to get stuck into it, you will be more likely move up the ranks if a position surfaces. 6) Show initiative… The difference between a good intern and a great intern boils down to one key trait: initiative. A good intern will follow instructions; a great intern will follow instructions, and then ask for more work or a more challenging task. If you spot something in the office that needs doing, whether that’s something as simple as putting a magazine away or updating a database, just do it! 7) Get a reference! Don’t forget that although you’re here to help us, ultimately you’re here for YOU – to grow and learn and progress your future career. Don’t be afraid to ask for a reference – this could be the difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ at your next interview. Hope this is helpful to all those trying to break into the PR industry at the moment – good luck! Sophie and the WordStorm Crew xoxo

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