Meet The Team- Monica

Name:Monica Rosenfeld

Nickname:Moni, Monz, Mon

Home town: Sydney

Current home:Sydney

Favourite Food? Really hard to choose one, but it’s hard to go past a delicious, flavoursome bowl of Spaghetti Marinara


Favourite Bar/ Restaurant?Red Lantern, Victoria Room, Camelot Lounge and Tropicana Cafe


Favourite drink? Sparkling water, Red wine and diet coke


What’s the favourite thing about your job? Regularly meeting and working with inspiring, dynamic and gutsy entrepreneurs who are making a success of their dreams and living a life of passion! Also working with a switched on and passionate group of PR Professionals (WordStorm’s fabulous team!)


What’s your favourite city to visit and why? I had an amazing four days in Berlin last year and was blown away by its edginess (excuse made up word), friendliness and history


What’s an average day in the office for you? Brainstorming with the team, meeting with clients, pitching to potential clients, reading over press releases, writing proposals and the never-ending ever scintillating admin that’s an essential part of running a business!


Personal motto? You can’t take money to the grave so it’s much more important to create memories. As well as live through love not fear


3 word to describe yourself? Positive, grateful, happy



What 3 words would your friends describe you with? Loyal, fun, happy


Favourite website/blog?


Guiltiest pleasure? Shopping at CUE, buying shoes online and massages


Describe your perfect weekend : Saturday would be spent on a gorgeous family day out with my lovely husband and three beautiful children. Saturday night would be dinner and movies with my hubby or at a restaurant with friends. Sunday would be the day to myself – starting with a massage and ending up at an African dance workshop or a delicious walk on Bondi Beach and a read of a good book.


Biggest risk you ever took (and how it paid off): Allowing myself to fall in love with a backpacking Dutch guy on a week’s long holiday in NZ. It paid off very well as 11 years later we are married with three amazing children!


Saving for…. Putting any spare $ into my mortgage

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