Meet our Intern – Jessica Ho


Why did you take an internship with WordStorm PR?

I took an internship with WordStorm PR because I wanted to work for an agency with a broad range of clients. As a consumer/lifestyle agency I thought that it would be a great way to be able to work with a range of brands to give me more experience.

What’s been your favourite part about working in PR?

Brainstorming for campaigns is fun. You are able to work as a team to come up with creative ideas to impress clients. I’ve also loved writing articles to pitch to journalists.

How do you think an internship will help with you getting a job when you finish your Uni degree?

I think it will help as employers look for potential employees who already have experience in the industry. You learn a lot more on the job than at uni so it’s good to get some hands on experience. It helps to show the employers that you already know you want to work in PR.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learnt since working at WordStorm PR?

I’ve learnt how much work goes into working at an agency! From the endless databases that are being constantly updated to really long reports, PR isn’t just about getting your client’s product out into the media.

What’s your least favourite task as an intern?

Packaging the direct mail! It’s not exactly hard, it just takes me forever!!

What’s your favourite thing to do in Sydney?

Hanging out with friends and trying new restaurants and bars. There are so many amazing new places popping up everywhere!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I’ve never dyed my hair before!

What is your fave social media platform?

Facebook! Easiest way to share photo swap with friends, keep track of events coming up, message all your friends at once and stay up to date with various groups.

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