Media angles for the beginning of the year

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2019. I have a feeling it’s going to be an awesome year and I thought it would be timely for my first video in January to be talking about two media angles that work really well for this time of the year.

The first one is the back to school angle and the second one is anything relating to setting new year’s goals. You see journalists want to produce content around what people are grappling with when talking to each other about and these two angles one if you’re a parent and the other one if you’re a human in general which we all are, are very pertinent to what people are thinking about right now. So the back to school angle is perfect for any business that produces products or even services that are ideal for kids at school whether it be lunchboxes, tech items, stationery or even services such as tutoring, health programs et cetera.

The second one the new year’s goal is really perfect for any business who helps either consumers or other businesses achieve their goals. And the perfect angle to hang this expertise on would be the top five tips. So top five ways to improve your SEO this year or top five ways to stay healthy this year or top five ways to be a better leader this year et cetera.

From the back to school angle an example I’d love to give you is a client that we’re working with called Vaya Life who sell these really gorgeous tyffyn style lunchboxes where kids can take healthy cooked lunches to school. So we’ve collaborated with a fantastic nutritionist influencer, Marika Day who who’s created some gorgeous lunches that kids can take school in these lunchboxes and we’re currently pitching her to the media.

So the media you want to be targeting at this time of year or right now is short lead media that is TV, radio and a whole range of online news sites. So if you help people in any of these areas these are the angles that you should be jumping on to.

Feel free to ask me any questions or share any thoughts that you might have in the comments section and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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