Managing your business’ social media strategy

Here at WordStorm, we love Twitter. Actually, we love all social networks- Twitter, Facebook, Foursquared, Flickr- you name it, we’re (slightly) obsessed!


As you know, social media has completely changed the PR, marketing, advertising and media industries.


However, it is important that a social media plan is developed appropriately, and is relevant to your company’s goals.


Having a company Twitter account is not just about tweeting about the weather. The aim of social media is to engage potential stakeholders (customers included) and to encourage interaction.  


Here are our top tips for social media management:


  1. Respond The number 1 rule for a company engaging in social media is to always respond to queries and comments. Never ignore negative feedback. Have a look at how Optus used Twitter to respond to customer complaints here
  2. Link it up! Posts don’t have to be just text- especially if you are limited in your word count! Use photos, links to articles, sites and blogs to engage your consumers!
  3. Network Here at WordStorm we use social media for many purposes- to connect with other agencies, network with media, scout for suppliers, keep an eye out for potential new clients and even for recruitment purposes! The possibilities are endless, but you have to be proactive in communicating!
  4. Keep it relevant As mentioned, there is a difference between a personal social networking account and a business’ account. Keep your posts relevant to your industry- it’s great to post photos at
  5. Don’t be pushy Social networks are not about advertising. They are about interacting and networking. Although they are a great means of raising awareness (e.g. letting people know about a sale), there is a fine line between letting people know about events and products, and plainly just annoying them. Don’t cross the line.
  6. Keep it constant- but not over the top Facebooking on the hour is too much – again, this can annoy people, who will often unfollow or unlike you. At the same time, you need to keep your social network active. Responding to people is a great way to keep your social network account active without bugging them.
  7. Interact Talk to people. Get feedback. Ask questions, and encourage people to interact with you! People will often follow or like the same things as their peers- so if they see that their peers are interacting with you, they might too! A great way to break the ice is to introduce yourself via direct message once you are connected with someone.

Love Tash and the Stormettes xx

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