Make 2017 the year to build your brand’s credibility

By Monica Rosenfeld

When deciding whether to purchase your product or service, there is one factor that (almost unconsciously) goes through your customer’s mind – is this business credible? From a B2C point of view this is particularly true for online businesses where we are entrusting the site with our credit card details and hoping for the best. For a B2B service your client is looking at investing precious dollars so they want to be sure they can trust you.

The good news is that there are things you can start doing right now to dramatically increase your credibility.

1. Offer to present about your topic of expertise at co-working hubs, seminars and conferences.

2. Write a book giving a unique point of view on your industry

3. Create relationships with key journalists and aim to have articles published about you and/or your business

4. Build your community on LinkedIn profile and regularly publish original content

5. Give back. Help others where you can and do this for nothing in return but knowing you’ve made a difference.

What are you planning to do to build your brand’s credibility this year?

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