International Women’s Day

Today I’m going to talk about International Women’s Day.

This day falls on the 8th of March and it’s a day celebrating women around the world. So indeed, if you are a woman either in business or working in an organisation or doing some other thing that’s making a positive change in the world, this day provides a really good opportunity to magnify your message in the media. And I’m talking to you about it a few weeks in advance so that you have time to really think about what’s the angle you want to communicate through the media.

Collate a list of journalists who you feel your story is very relevant to and go on and pitch it. That is how people like you get into mainstream media by reaching out to those Journalists who are thirsty for content. International Women’s Day has become a really big global phenomenon and the media need and like to produce content on what’s happening in the world. And on this day the 8th of March all of media will be focused on or most of the media anyway on International Women’s Day and showcasing different women doing fantastic things.

To give you an example of how we’ve used it in the past, last year we put our client Sarah Warner forward. She’s the co-founder of a global franchise called Home Instead Senior Care and her and her husband opened up the Australian franchise and the angle we put forward was her story and why she’s so passionate about the care giving industry particularly in relation to the elderly. We also talked about how 80 per cent of the care givers employed by Home Instead Senior Care happen to be female. And it was a beautiful human interest story that got picked up far and wide by mainstream press, online, TV the works.

So if you’re a woman out there. And you’ve got a story to tell and you’re doing something great this is your opportunity to take advantage and magnify your message in mainstream media. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat about it. If you have any comments or feel it will be of a value to your connections feel free to share.

Thank you. And I’ll see you next week.

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