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Why did you take an internship with WordStorm PR?I decided to take an internship with Wordstorm PR because I loved their friendly and unique approach to PR. The smaller team is another aspect I loved about Wordstorm, because I knew I wouldn’t get lost in the agency or feel uncomfortable about asking questions. I can easily relate to their extensive list of clients, and I wanted to learn more about Lifestyle PR.

What’s been your favourite part about working in PR?Learning something new each week has been great, and understanding the process of a 3 month campaign for a client and all the research and planning that goes on behind the scenes to make it a reality. I love creative send outs, because they are unique to every client and often involve some fun or quirky ideas to get our client’s message across.

How do you think an internship will help with you getting a job when you finish your university degree?Experience is key for PR, with the more you know, the better your chances of gaining full-time employment will be. You are able to learn the basics from theory, but that doesn’t properly prepare you for the real world and understanding how the industry works. Internships are a great way to add to your study and also gain some invaluable hands on experience that will only make your life easier at the end of your degree.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learnt since working at WordStorm PR?That communication is essential! Asking questions is a fundamental of being an intern, and with every question I have asked I have also received the right guidance to make sure I have understood the task. Being able to communicate with the team members has been extremely valuable to my growth as an intern.

What’s your least favourite task as an intern?To date, none of the tasks have bothered me at all! I guess learning something new can be daunting, but after asking questions and having a few attempts, I always seem to find my way through new tasks.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Sydney?Originally growing up in the Hunter Valley, I love everything about Sydney! The fact you can try new cafes, restaurants and bars weekly in Sydney is always exciting to me. I’m a huge sucker for Sunday brunch with my friends though!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I was 3 months into a  Dentistry Degree when I realised I wanted to get into PR. It was a tough gig to persuade my parents about my decision, but I’m definitely a lot happier working in this industry.

What is your fave social media platform?I love Instagram! I love sharing some of my favourite experiences to my friends through photos on Instagram, so they can enjoy those places too.

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