How you can take advantage of existing media coverage

In today’s video I’m going to talk about how you can take advantage of articles that have been written about either your competitor or a business that plays in the same industry that you play in, to get some mass media exposure for your own business.

Now I’m sure some of you heard in the news last week that online real estate business Purplebricks has closed its doors in Australia and decided to exit the market due to lack of traction.

Now at this point anyone with an expertise in online business entrepreneurship or even real estate could have jumped in on the conversation and given their point of view and enjoyed some mass media exposure. As it happens the competitor to Purplebricks Upside Realty did do exactly this and Chief Executive Adam Rigby contacted the media to talk about why in his with his point of view why he believes Purplebricks failed and how his business differs and how his business benefits consumers.

So, I’d really like to encourage you to watch read and listen to media with a media mindset. That means don’t be passive but actually think about which articles you can jump into have a point of view about so that you become that expert authority in the media.

Thank you. Hope you’ve gained some valuable insight from this video. Feel free to like comment or share as always or ask any questions.

I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.

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