How the PR-journo relationship is a lot like dating

I had a sudden realisation last week whilst I was talking to another Account Manager about whether or not she should follow up a journalist about a story. PR-journo relationships are a lot like regular relationships, or rather, dating. When we approach journos we think about what we have to offer them. Is our story attractive enough for them? We do our homework, find out what they’re interested in and then show them that we’re interested in the same things they are. Perhaps you can think of a story pitch as a first date. On a first date you’re trying to feel out the other person, you bring your best and hope to God that they’re keen to take things to the next level (in this case – a story about your client). After the first date, there is the time lag in between. And the questions can set in. When is it too soon to get in contact? Will they call me? If they don’t call me, should I call them? What if they’re just busy… maybe I should just send them an email…but I don’t want to harass them? Usually, this is when the rejection sets in. Let’s face it – most journos won’t call you back to tell you they’re not interested in your story. You have to pick yourself up and move on, after all, there are other fish in the sea of media. But, by chance, maybe they’re keen and they call you back – they want your story! Much like the anticipated phone call three days after a first date – you do a little happy dance! And so continues the PR-journo dating game. If you think about it, I guess all business relationships are just like dating. There is a fine line between figuring out when to leave things be, or become a crazy stalker who harasses a journo within a inch of sanity. So in the spirit of St. Valentine – here’s to some happy and fruitful PR-journo relationships! With love, Catherine (@CGuyder) & the WordStorm team

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