How Podcasts Can Build Your Profile

In today’s video I’m going to talk about podcasts and why they’re such a great way to build your profile and a good start to getting some mass media exposure.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, podcasts are on the rise and they’re being produced by business owners and consultants as a marketing exercise. You see, by these people interviewing interesting people on their topic of expertise with great insights, it provides wonderful content and content is really the key to effective marketing in today’s day and age. And the good news for you is that podcast producers are always looking for interesting people to interview.

So how do you find the podcast that you want to be on? Well it’s a matter of just doing a bit of a Google search. Think about the topic that you’d like to talk about whether it be your career story whether it be some marketing exercise that you’ve done or some other topic of expertise and just google ‘Podcasts Australia’ and that topic. Start off in Australia if you’re in an Australian business because there are so many wonderful Australian podcasts in this country. So start where you’re familiar and then you can move further abroad from that.

The other great thing about podcasts is that their long form interviews, meaning that you get a really good chance to magnify your message and when you approach journos later on with the story you can send them your interview and they can see that your media talent.

Thank you. And I’ll see you next week.

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