How facebook ruined fashion

I miss the days when you could wear your favourite outfit numerous times without the fear of looking like you can only afford one set of clothes (and by clothes I am referring to “going out clothes”). Before facebook, my only concern with wearing the same thing out was the people I was with – I could mix up my outfits with different groups and get a lot more wear out of them. Now, thanks to facebook, once I am photographed in a particular outfit I feel that I’ll never be able to wear it again (or at least for a significant amount of time). Friends would comment – oh “I love that dress” and the next time you wear it, they say “oh, you’re wearing that dress again – I saw you wearing that on facebook”. Damn you facebook! I had a conversation about it with some of the WordStorm girls and apparently women are now de-tagging themselves from photos because they don’t want to be seen in the same outfits over and over. Not only is it expensive to continually buy new clothes, it’s also extremely unsustainable (from an environmental perspective) and unnecessary. We’re probably our own worst critics and I’m sure other people don’t care that we actually wear our clothes more than once, but it still doesn’t change the fact that facebook has ruined fashion, amongst other things. How else has facebook changed your life? To planning your next outfit! Catherine (@CGuyder) and the WordStorm girls. x

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