Healthy options for cooler weather

The cold has finally arrived, and wow – did it come in a big way!

More often than not, the cooler weather lends way to comfort food and we find ourselves heading toward heavy meals such as weight fettuccines, roasts with root vegetables and desserts with ‘crumble’ and ‘warm’ in the title.  Sure, they add warmth, but unfortunately they also add calories.  So just how can we stop ourselves from the shock of seeing ourselves in bikinis when next summer comes around?

The best way to stay healthy throughout winter is to eat seasonally and as little processed food as possible.  Enjoy dark root vegetables such as beetroot and sweet potatoes, as well as zucchini, carrot and pumpkin.  Season with chilli flakes to speed up metabolism, or use coconut oil for a healthier alternative to its olive sister.

When I think winter, I think pasta.  Red sauce, white sauce, meat free… any type of pasta is great when the weather cools, however it’s also the fastest way to put weight on.  That’s why we love SlimPasta, the vegetable-made alternative to carb-loaded ordinary pasta.  SlimPasta is made from the superfood Konjac, which has very few calories and a lot of fibre.  Added to our favourite pasta sauces, it’s a great way to enjoy winter warmers without worrying about our waistlines.

Liquid calories are also easy to consume with hot chocolates, warm winter reds and chai lattes going into high rotation.  Ginger Spice tea from T2 is an office favourite, as is any green tea.  Warming from the inside out, you can’t beat an English Breakfast tea in the morning.

How do you keep the calories at bay during the winter months?

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