Gaining Elusive Coverage

Have you ever held an event for your business and hoped for a news TV crew to come and report on in?

Did you succeed?

In today’s magnifymondaymoment video, I’m going to spell out 3 key elements needed to not only get a news crew to your event but ensure they put together the best story possible to ‘magnify’ whatever you’re hoping to get exposure for.

1. Make it visual, not just a bunch of ‘talking heads’

2. Don’t pitch them an ad – it has to be a newsworthy angle

3. Help them get the best visuals and interviews possible at the event

This stuff works people. Last week we put on a teaser event for SingularityU Australia Summit in conjunction with event producer extraordinaire Nicole Santer ★★

We used these 3 elements to entice Channel 7 to attend and run a brilliant 90 second story which you can see here:

eventprofs publicrelations monicarosenfeld

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