Five ways to get yourself in the media in 2020

Getting yourself or your brand in the media can not only help to increase brand awareness and credibility but also the bottom line. To help get you the media exposure you need we’ve shared WordStorm PR’s top five ways to get media exposure in 2020.


Statistics make fantastic angles for the media.  There is nothing like a statistic to make a story newsworthy.  This can either be a statistic that you come up with yourself when conducting research or it could be a statistic from somewhere else that you want to comment on. The media want to produce content related to what people are talking about and the issues people are grappling with.


Media love tips.  They provide easy-to-digest, bite-sized information that gives value to their audience.  Typical examples include top 5 ways to such and such, top 5 ways to avoid and top 5 myths about etc. This is probably one of the simplest and easiest angles to get media coverage. A good way to come up with your 5 tips is to think about questions that your clients/customers ask you.

Thought leadership

If you’d like to become the ‘go-to’ expert for your industry in the media, you will need to have some opinions and expertise about your media to share with the media and in turn their audience. A good place to start when thinking about thought leadership is ‘The Future Of’. What are the trends in your industry? Where was it 5-10 years ago? Where is it headed in the future? If you have some interesting insights or predictions, these have a good chance of getting media attention.

Business story

If you or your business are on an entrepreneurial journey, chances are you’ve got an interesting story to share about why and how you got there. When most people think about pitching their business story, they think they need to impress journalists with big numbers and exponential growth.  While for some business publications this information is required, for the most part, what they’re more interested in is what inspired you to start your business and what challenges you have overcome.

Awareness Days

There’s an awareness day/week/month of the year for just about every topic you could think of or dream up.  Awareness Days provide the perfect hook for you to hang your story on when pitching to the media.  The reason for this is that journalists want to produce content around what people are struggling with.

Case studies

If you have transformed the life of a client or customer through your business, it’s extremely powerful to get them to share their story with the media. This is much more powerful than the brand itself saying, we’re amazing, we transform people’s lives.

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