Five things journalists ask themselves before deciding to run your story

By Monica Rosenfeld


Media outlets are made up of two distinctive departments – the journalism and advertising department.  Both are integral to the success of the media department.  Advertisers fund the media outlet whether it be radio, newspaper, TV, online or magazines.  But these outlets are not going to attract an audience unless it offers content to the audience that is not advertising driven.  Journalists do not care about promoting your business, that’s the job of the advertising department.

Journalists consider the following 5 points before deciding to run a story:

  • Does this story add value to/engage/entertain my audience?
  • Does the interviewee have an interesting point of view to share?
  • Is this story something than can be shared on our social media channels?
  • Are there good visuals (image or video) to accompany the story?
  • Is the angle relevant to my audience?

If you deliver journalists stories that are relevant, interesting and engaging to their audience you are very likely to get considered, rather than if you send them info about how wonderful your business is.  Food for thought.


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