Dealing with Negative Feedback on Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming the main way people communicate. Therefore it is important for businesses to get involved and converse with their customers. However what happens when your customers are frustrated and voice their angry online? Companies both big and small need to continually monitor the online sphere for any complaints that could affect their reputation. However negative comments are not necessarily bad, as they may be a way for companies to clear up any misconceptions about them and let them tell it from their side. Also the way the company react to a negative situation can speak volumes to the audience.

Here some tips to handle not so nice situations online:

  • Act quickly. The longer you leave any problem whether online or not will build up and continue to get worst. Let them know that you have heard their frustration and are doing something to fix it.
  • Be patient and understand where they are coming from. Even big businesses can have a heart too. Show compassion.
  • Work towards a resolution. Don’t just tell them you are working above and beyond to make the situation right and just walk away. Actually do something!
  • Take it offline and contact the customer privately. Through direct messages on twitter or email, you are able to take the conversation private and have further detailed discussions.
  • Don’t avoid. How many times at school did you have an assignment due that you blocked out of your mind and pretended it was not there until the day before when you realised that you didn’t have enough time? If you avoid comments and discussions about you business on social media you are losing vital opportunity to make it right and boost the reputation of your business. So be proactive and continually monitor the websites for any mention of you brand.
  • Be personal. Remember these are people, so don’t response like a machine.

What are your tips on handling negative social media?

What companies do you think do it best?


Kate and the Stormettes

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