Could You Quit Sugar?

Three pieces of fruit a day, honey in your tea, a bar of dark chocolate after lunch, tomato sauce with dinner. They may sound like perfectly healthy diet options but have you ever considered how much sugar is hidden in our everyday foodstuffs?

It is not uncommon for the average Australian to be consuming over 30 teaspoons of sugar a day, way above the recommended amount of 6 teaspoons. While these days we may be eating more low fat food then ever before, these often contain more sugar then the whole-food versions. It can’t be good for us!

Do you get an energy slump in the afternoon?

Are you bloated?

Do you have trouble concentrating?

Perhaps it’s time to take on a new challenge and try quitting sugar.

Here, in the WordStorm office we believe healthy eating is a lifestyle so why don’t you join us as we cut out sugar to get healthy, lose weight and feel fantastic!

Sign up for the WOW ‘Wonderland Of Wellbeing’ Sugar-Free Challenge!

Here are a few tips and motivations to get you started:

  • It’s about small, simple changes – no need to go cold turkey, pace yourself and take it slowly.
  • Ensure your house and pantry are sugar-free so there are no unwanted temptations.
  • Don’t want to quit drinking. You don’t have to! Red and white wine, and pure spirits contain very little fructose so one glass a day is fine.
  • It doesn’t matter if you falter and have sugar, so long as you intend to continue.


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