Conquer the cold this winter with these Instagram accounts

By Monica Crismale

It’s coming up to that time of year where you’re wrapped up in a burrito blanket, scrolling through your Instagram feed that’s filled with photos from your friend’s European holiday. You’re trapped inside with the heater on, battling the Australian winter, while your friends are having a picnic under the sunny Eiffel tower.

The cooler months may seem like a good idea to be wrapped in blankets watching endless episodes of the TV show Friends (well at least that’s how I usually brave through the cooler months), but the fun doesn’t have to end there! Why not check out what’s happening in Sydney?

Instagram has become such a useful resource in sharing experiences and gaining insights about what’s happening near or far! It has changed the tourism industry dramatically and Instagram, a photo and visual sharing platform, is the perfect place to promote destinations.

Here are the Instagram pages you should follow to know what’s happening in Sydney this winter!



Grab a coat and head into the Sydney’s CBD to explore all of its wonders! The @cityofsydney Instagram page will keep you updated with what’s happening. From yoga on the Opera House steps to ice skating outdoors, @cityofsydney has got your next day out sorted.


Want to try somewhere new to eat? I know I’m always interested to try new cuisines, but can never decide where. @imstillhungry_ frequently uploads locations of meals around Sydney to comfort your grumbly tummy!


Keep warm indoors by treating yourself to different art exhibitions at the Art Gallery of NSW. The @artgalleryofnsw frequently posts different artworks so you’ll never miss out on something that may catch your eye. Be sure to check out the Frida Kahlo exhibition this June!


This is an absolute must see in Sydney during winter! Keep updated with all that Vivid has to offer and where to see the sites with @vividsydney. Each year the city gets brighter and brighter, so be sure to be informed and get involved with the interactive stations before you make the trip!

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