Coming up with a Creative PR Campaign


Your campaign needs to be creative in order to stand out from your competitors. Making your campaign creative will mean that you need to stray from traditional campaign structures and ensure that the campaign sparks attention and reaches a wide amount of people.

Goals need to be put into place at the beginning of the campaign so that the campaign has a clear direction. This will also enable you to easily review the campaign once it has been completed and see if has fulfilled your initial intentions. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable and achievable. Setting restrictions in your goals prevents the brainstorming process from becoming too unrealistic and unachievable.

Draw out the concept that you want to achieve. You should picture your creative campaign as a whole. At this point, gaining ideas from others is essential in order to come up with the most creative ideas as possible. Use plenty of images and carefully draw out each step of the process. A mood board or a mind map is a great way to start. Once you have your images, choose words that complement the image and the objective you want to achieve throughout the campaign.

Strategy needs to be put in place by utilising your knowledge on PR theory, which will ultimately help make your campaign creative. Utilising what you have learnt from previous campaigns and the feedback you have been given, will help improve the current campaign.

Risks are part of every campaign, especially those which are creative! This is because a creative campaign involves going beyond traditional ways of doing things. Consumers need to see that the campaign is valuable and useful to their own lives in order for them to be interested in it.

To be creative, you have to think outside the box, and venture away from what other people are already doing! Good Luck!

Guest appearance/blog post by Ali Roderick

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