Black Swan – Rate it or hate it?

The WordStorm office was brimming with excitement when Black Swan was released on Aussie shores. We’d heard mostly rave reviews and with Natalie Portman already a firm girl-crush of ours, we couldn’t wait to settle down in front of the big screen with an extra-large popcorn. And Portman does not disappoint. Flawlessly portraying a vulnerable ballerina in this psychological thriller, her performance is surely worthy of an Oscar. She plays Nina, an innocent young girl totally dedicated to a career as a ballet dancer whose dream comes true when she is cast as Swan Queen in her prestigious dance academy’s production of Swan Lake. As Nina struggles to perfect her depiction of the evil Black Swan, a darker side of her personality is unearthed and we witness her life spiraling out of control. Mila Kunis also rocks a fantastic performance as Lily, Nina’s back-up in Swan Lake and the subject of many a jealous rage (and a few steamy scenes!). Haunting throughout, the film is undoubtedly an uncomfortable watch. It’s an interesting insight into the mind of a psychotic girl, but there were a few gruesome moments where we felt the need to turn away and hide behind our popcorn! We left the cinema wondering what we had seen was real and what was all in Nina’s paranoid mind. One thing is for sure, talented Director Darren Aronfsky seamlessly captures the dark, twisted psyche of Nina with cutting-edge cinematography. Intense, captivating and beautiful, Black Swan is definitely not to be missed – ten out of ten! Sophie and the WordStorm Crew xoxo

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