Audio marketing: 4 reasons your business needs podcasting

Audio marketing: 4 reasons your business needs podcasting

Podcasts – it seems like every person and their dog are listening to them. The increasing popularity of podcasts is predicated on the time-poor individual: listening to the news, crime, history, comedy and more on their daily commute, while working out at the gym or making dinner at home.

Just last week, Google Podcasts was launched to bring podcast access to the 1.24 billion Android handsets around the world without their own built-in podcast feature. So now with an even broader audience, how can businesses make the most out of podcasting?

  1. Increased mobility

Thanks to the almighty power of the Internet, people have the opportunity to stream, read, watch and listen on the go. But scrolling down endless newsfeeds and staring at bright screens can give users tired eyes and screen exhaustion. Podcasting is a good alternative so listeners can give their eyes a break and an opportunity to multitask.

  1. Bang for your buck

Setting up audio gear and creating content may seem daunting, but the low cost-to-value ratio for podcasts proves to be a worthy investment. With the average CPM for a successful podcast ranging between $20 and $45, compared to $1-$20 for web ads, or $5 -$20 for TV (USD), it’s worth allocating time to content development and money into appropriate equipment.

  1. Strengthens audience relationships

Discussing news, trends and content specific to your business allows for storytelling opportunities and personalised messages that build genuine relationships with your key publics. This opens the door to the ever-fading importance of brand loyalty, and gives your business a way of differentiating itself by producing a unique stream of uninterrupted content.

  1. Be a market leader

Podcasting diversifies the communication tactics of your business, and can position you as a market leader. Sharing industry knowledge, hot tips, and networking are all part and parcel of the podcast process, and are valuable not only to your audiences but to the credibility of your business.

Still dipping your toes in the podcast waters? Start out by listening to other podcasts in the same field, and maybe try your hand as an expert guest on an industry podcast before diving head first into the potential of podcasting. And don’t forget to discuss what’s new and relevant to your market, so your faithful listeners come back for more. Good luck!


By Caitlin O’Brien

Images sourced from Pixabay

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